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Holy crap I just got quoted by the Daily Dot

Lookit! I’m the first quote in this article! —> http://www.dailydot.com/entertainment/neko-case-these-arent-the-droids/

I watched that music video this morning and was fairly irked that what I thought was going to be a funny geeky song turned out to be more of a “geek culture is all horrible manchildren” song. So I posted my annoyed comment and went off and played Skyrim for eight hours straight and I wish I was joking about that.

Anyway, yay! I like the Daily Dot and they like me apparently, and they were nice enough to quote me without giving out my name or personal info, which is what happened the last time a news site quoted me. I am now semi-demi-hemi-shmemi-internet famous.

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Slightly better?

Update: I was able to talk with the housemates in a conversation that was not mostly yelling or crying, and got some background info I didn’t know before; namely, that Bee’s mother had been demanding him back and that he probably would have had to go back this summer anyways. However, the situation is shitty all around and without going into details there is some seriously messed up stuff happening here.

I’m still planning to move out, but not just because of this - I’ve been planning to move out for over half a year for a variety of reasons, and have mostly just been waiting until I was financially stable enough to do so. I’m going to be staying here for a few more months, until the baby is born at least.

But yeah. This whole thing’s a shitparade all around. 

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There is no easy way to say this.

I’ve been doing my best to avoid the fallout from this nuclear blast, at least on Tumblr, but I have friends here that deserve to know when big things happen to me.

My nephew, Bee, is being sent back to his abusers. 

The resulting fallout from this announcement means that I will be moving out sometime in early April, and that I may be losing the friends/psuedo-family I have been living with for the past four years, who I thought I’d be living with or near for the rest of my life.

This has also led to near-constant sobbing, multiple panic attacks, and a vicious resurgence of my previous eating disorder, which almost led me to pass out in church today. And I start answering 911 calls next week.

So. Yeah.

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More cute kid stuff.



[Some background to this story: I live with two of my friends, a married couple who are currently expecting their first biological child. I also have been nanny/babysitter for a little boy, here referred to as Kiddo, since Kiddo was three months. Kiddo is currently 4.]

Kiddo: Is the baby there…

That’s adorable. <3 

BTW, if the baby’s name is gonna be Anders, can we call him Ender? 8D


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More cute kid stuff.

[Some background to this story: I live with two of my friends, a married couple who are currently expecting their first biological child. I also have been nanny/babysitter for a little boy, here referred to as Kiddo, since Kiddo was three months. Kiddo is currently 4.]

Kiddo: Is the baby there yet?

Me: No, the baby is going to be born at the end of next month. And guess what? He’s going to be a boy baby!

Kiddo: A boy like me?!

Me: Yup. His name is going to be Anders.

Kiddo: No. His name is [kiddo’s name].

Me: Sorry, Kiddo, but I think his parents already chose the name Anders for him.

Kiddo: Well, you should tell them that should change it to [kiddo’s name]. That’s the best name.

Me: (trying not to laugh) That’s the best name, huh?

Kiddo: Yes. And his favorite color is blue, like me. And he likes cookies. His mommy and daddy should give him lots of cookies. Can he come over?

Me: (laughing) Kiddo, he’s not even born yet!

Kiddo: When he gets born, can he come over?

Me: He’ll only be a little baby, Kiddo.

Kiddo: That’s okay. I’ll show him what to do.

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The Great Gray Beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive…

This is the opening sentence of my favorite book, The Thief of Always, and I am heavily reminded of it every February. February is the armpit of months. Oh, it tries to cloak itself in little chalky candy hearts and flowers, but it is full of cold and slush and completely gray days and seasonal affective disorder. 

That being said, I’m not actually doing too bad right now, although I am constantly cold and quite ready for winter to go away now, thank you. We’ve been right in the thick middle of every one of the last four major snowstorms that have gone through the eastern part of the U.S., and were actually in the one county hardest hit in the entire United States of Flag-Wavin’ America, where 90% of the county was without power at one point. We didn’t have power in our house for four days, and had a gas leak that necessitated calling the fire department and opening all the doors and windows to let the freezing air in. We spent three nights at Male-Housemate’s parents’ house, with the kitties staying in their upstairs exercise room. After the initial ice storm, I didn’t get the rest of the days off, and the sleeping on the couch and waking up an extra hour early for the longer commute every day was Not Fun.

I don’t know what else to really say. I’m just putting this here in case people have been wondering what is up in Katlandia. I’m gonna buy a desk at Ikea sometime this weekend, and all the housemates, the nephew, and the friend who lives two towns over have all invited themselves because meatballs.

That’s all. 

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911 training stories: The Problem With Joe

The officer gives us a curious look as we come in the door of the station. He glances between us, and when his gaze switches to me, I put on my best Professional Smile and say, “Hi, we’re currently in training for county dispatch, and-“

Joe shoulders me aside, holding out a hand to shake. “Hi, I’m Joe, from County.”


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keep forgetting to do music posts augh I will try harder but anyway this

I love this

unfortunately I cry almost every single time I listen to it so it’s not so great to draw to

This is Kiddo’s Moon Song. Every night I put him to bed, he wants me to sing him the Moon Song. He’s asked for it every night since he could talk.

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"Ahh your art is great, you’re a natural!"

Nah son it’s just years of practice and hard work.

"Oh my gosh you have a natural talent!"


Using this to share a cute story ‘bout my lil’ girl Sparkles: when she was 4, she said we should both draw a picture of a girl. When she saw my picture, she got very upset and said her drawing didn’t look good and asked why my drawing looked so much better than hers.

I said “Well, it’s because I’m a lot older than you, and I’ve been practicing my drawing for a lot longer.”

She sniffled and very quietly said, “…that makes sense.”

And then she went back to drawing.

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